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Our range of noise measuring equipment cover any budget, from simple point and shoot sound level meters to professional noise measurement kits. Noise Measurement Experts Since 1969 Pulsar Instruments Plc, founded over 50 years ago, have extensive experience in occupational noise measurement, supplying compliant, reliable and durable instruments for industrial and other noise measurement applications. The company is based in Filey, near York in the UK. We are an established, trusted and well-respected organisation in our field. Ever since it was formed in 1969 by two engineers, our company has focused on designing and manufacturing noise at work measurement meters that are above all affordable, robust, easy to use, yet accurate; always fully complying with the latest applicable legislation and standards. New to occupational noise measurement? Download our FREE Employers' Guide to Controlling Noise at Work here. Noise Measurement Equipment Workplace Noise Control legislation is becoming increasingly complex but also more widespread.  Therefore, it is important to gain as much information and data on the type of noise testing equipment available to safety professionals prior to making your definitive choice. Pulsar Instruments has a wide range of noise measurement equipment that has been designed specifically for safety experts to meet the demands of noise regulations, standards and guidelines.   We specialise in the research and development of: sound level meters,  personal noise dosemeters and  noise-activated warning signs  Our instruments are used worldwide across a wide range of applications to measure and help control harmful levels of noise. These range from quick, basic noise assessments to complex and detailed noise analysis taken over a period of time in some cases. Our Most Popular Products Low-cost Digital Noise Meter Noise at Work Sound Level Meter Environmental Noise Meter Noise Dosimeter Noise-Activated Warning Sign Hand arm vibration meter View our full range of products here Why Choose Pulsar Instruments We have been recognised as Noise Measurement Experts since 1969. Since our inception as a wholly engineer-led concern in Silicon Valley, California in 1969, we have represented the gold standard for noise measurement and has contributed significantly to a change in the way noise, and in particular noise at work, is currently monitored, helping protect worker’s hearing and improving the quality of their environment. World Firsts by Pulsar Instruments In 1970 it was the first company to display sound exposure times on the scale of the sound level meter as well as the sound level – at the time a revolutionary idea. It pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of discrete transistors It designed the first instrument to be “styled” with coloured scales and fitted it into beautiful moulded cases – previously bent metal cases were commonplace. In 1974 it developed the world’s first true linear scaled meter. In 1977 it produced the first instrument designed for a world market meeting the new international standards of the time. In 1982 Pulsar seconded their Chief Engineer to the International Standards body (IEC) and he, with three other British engineers, were responsible for much of the IEC's noise measurement standard IEC 61672.
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Working for a demolition company, we are requested to carry out environmental monitoring more and more. I came across the Pulsar Instruments' website and saw their product range so decided to find out more. I was asked a series of questions to assess which instrument was most suitable for my needs which turned out not to be the most expensive. After delivery, I was contacted to ask if there were any issues (which there weren't). I did have a couple of questions once I started using the supplied software - which is great - my questions were answered immediately and explained in a way I could understand. Overall a 5 star rating for both the instrument itself and the service too.

Donwell Group
HSEQ Manager

Pulsar Instruments made the decision to purchase one of their Nova Model 44 Class 2 test meters with data logging a very easy one indeed. The sales advice I received was truly excellent. You really felt that there was someone at the end of the telephone who understood our requirements and had the correct product to satisfy them. The Nova noise meter is a brilliantly engineered piece of equipment that is very easy to use and it interfaces superbly with the excellent data logging software.

I would highly recommend attendance at one of the training seminars that Pulsar arrange, the course has proved absolutely invaluable to me.

It is so good to find a great company that is so committed to its products and customers alike.

CW Plant Hire (Charles Wilson Engineering)


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