How to get back to work and be Covid-Secure and operational

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How to get back to work and be Covid-Secure and operational

Businesses are now beginning to get back down to business, but concerns about making sure people entering the workplace are healthy are still at the forefront of employer's minds. We know Health and Safety professionals have been very busy with the huge undertaking of trying to understand the latest Government guidance and regulations on reopening and keeping COVID-Secure, that’s why we’ve developed our Back to Business Bundle of temperature and noise control instruments to help businesses back to work. 

Alongside face coverings, hand sanitiser and protective screens, many companies are now investing in thermal cameras to measure the temperature of staff and visitors on entry, as well as handheld thermometers. Our simple to use non-contact digital thermometer shows quickly and safely when someone’s temperature is elevated as the screen remains green when the temperature is normal and turns red when it’s raised. An audible alarm is also available on the instrument.

Thermal cameras such as the IR37 can be linked to door entry systems to automate entry based on a person’s temperature. This non-contact facial recognition infrared temperature detection device uses a distance sensor and wide-angle camera to detect and display people's temperatures. As the person approaches their temperature is measured and access to their workplace is either granted or denied. Because the camera is Biometric it can also be used to help with site security too. It is completely customisable allowing the user to select the ‘safe’ temperature range they want to operate within as well as the messages given to staff and visitors.

Pulsar Instruments reputation is for quality noise measurement products. We know that one concern facing businesses is the aerosol spread of Covid-19 in canteens and social spaces through people talking loudly or having to shout to be heard. Several research studies* have highlighted that the louder the voice the more aerosol and particulates leave a person’s mouth, so we’ve adapted one of our best-selling products, the Pulsar SafeEar, to meet the needs of today. The SafeEar lights up to warn people when noise levels are too high. business simply sets a noise trigger level of their liking and when this is reached or exceeded a warning message is plain to see to everyone. 

We are all adapting to the world around us, and Pulsar Instruments has adapted our package of support for businesses to help them meet the demands they face. Our Back to Business Bundle is a combination of all three of these products at a special price. 

•    Non-contact handheld digital thermometer – for quick investigation of potential fever

•    Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera – for automated door entry

•    SafeEar Noise Control Sign – to keep help keep aerosol virus spread at a minimum

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