Pulsar and Costain join forces on noise health issues

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Filey-based manufacturer Pulsar Instruments and construction giant Costain have joined forces in recent months to increase awareness and staff engagement on noise health issues.

The Costain Construction Management Team worked with Pulsar Instruments over a number of months to develop a unique bespoke visual warning system. This latest innovation was designed to meet the challenges of alerting operatives effectively of the dangers of harmful noise levels across a large and complex construction development site such as the one at the London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project.

Costain was keen to promote an increase in the use of personal hearing protection of construction workers operating in a complex and ambitious railway station development and comply with the noise regulations and local authority Section 61 agreement.

The two companies came up with a very large noise-activated system measuring 650mm X 650mm which was subsequently named SafeEar MAX. It has a 110 volt supply and is fitted with a blue flashing beacon on top that enables site management to communicate highly visual warning safety messages to their workforce and monitor noise levels over both the day and night shifts.
The signs are equipped with a data-logging and downloading facility allowing the team to record what noise levels are being generated over time and identify which operatives are being exposed. Importantly in this case, reports show if noise levels are exceeding the levels set for noise in the Local Authority Section 61 agreement and data can be used to confirm if complaints are justified with regard to noise from the site.

This simple, cost-effective product used in conjunction with hand held noise monitors and personal noise dosemeters provide Costain with a comprehensive and unique noise exposure management system as part of their overall physical agent monitoring strategy.
According to Des Roy, Head of SHE at London Bridge, the signs which are mounted on walls in selected zones around the site have greatly improved awareness and provide important data on noise exposure levels.

Sarah Brack, MD at Pulsar Instruments said: “From my first visit to the London Bridge Redevelopment Project, it was clear to see that traditional signage would be have limited effect on such a vast site. Working closely with the SHE team at Costain, we were able to put our R&D teams’ experience to the test and provide an innovative solution that has made an immediate improvement to noise awareness on site. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a safety conscious company and are looking forward to helping others with similar issues!”/

Pulsar Instruments plc design and manufacture noise monitoring solutions – from basic hand-held sound level meters, noise-activated warning signs to more advanced instrumentation to help safety professionals meet occupational compliance. For more details on the product range available from the company, please visit: www.pulsarinstruments.com