Free noise site survey for MIY members

Member News

Pulsar Instruments is offering free Noise at Work site survey to help you provide a risk-free environment to protect your workers' hearing. This assessment is only available to members of Made in Yorkshire and Humberside and follows a four-stage process that enables companies to identify, target and eliminate noise risks in the workplace.

The new assessment includes:

  • Initial site assessment – including a tour of your premises to identify potential noise risks.
  • A review of existing methods and an analysis of their efficacy. 
  • Test measurements – using Pulsar Instruments’ noise measurement equipment.
  • Recommendations – from instrumentation and training to full analytical services.

General Manager, Simon Rehill, comments: “We believe in protecting people from hearing loss and other health conditions associated with excessive noise exposure. Our new noise assessment service is part of our continued strategy to highlight the risks and impacts that hearing loss can have on individuals.” 

Pulsar Instruments already works with a range of companies from industrial processing, food manufacturers, textiles, print production, oil and gas and more, providing help and advice to them in controlling and managing noise.   

“With our considerable experience we recognise that every workplace is different, but we are able to quickly assess potential noise problems, collate any evidence and then make recommendations based on a proven process.”

To book a free noise assessment, email: [email protected] or call Simon on 01723 518011